The Story

About excelence of providing valuable information

Demonstration of excelence

The key to provide an outstanting quality of services, is a constant learning process. We believe this is the only way to unlock the full potential of any opportunity. We demonstrate our proof of excelence through formal and un-formal references.

CRME certificate

We are very proud to hold the CRME certificate which acknowledges our profesional stance and experience in the field of Revenue Management on an international level. The certificate is issued by HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International).

CHIA certificate

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute issues a CHIA certification to proffesionals in the field of hospitality analytics. We got this certificate in 2017.

HSMAI Europe membership

The best industry experience is gained by observing and learning from best practices in the industry. Membership in HSMAI Europe enables us to participate in knowledge exchange with other industry professionals at ROC events, and access to wast repository of tools and literature.

STR Global partnership

STG Global is an undisputed leader in the field of hospitality benchmark data provider. Partnership with STR enables us to help our hospitality customers measuring their market performance in the most transparent way.

Other Tehnology Certificates

There are many other certificates that our experts acquired during their professional career. DWH modeling (TDWI), BI tools masteries (SAS, MicroStrategy), programing languages (Java), data manipulation languages (SAS, SQL, R) are just couple of them. Nevertheless we firmly believe that the ultimate "certificate" is a real life experience gained through successful reference story.

Reference Case Story

Property characteristics
200 rooms, a hotel located in the city center, small capital city (cca 600K inhabitants), growing market
Duration of the project
Implementing BI environment 2 years,
implementing RM 2 years
Status at the begining
No strategic RM in place, lack of strict inventory management, no strategic channel-mix defined, undergoing renovation,
RGI=91.2, index %change of RGI=-6.2
Implemented services
Centralized DWH and daily data integration, BI reporting and business analysis, introduced advanced data analysis and forecasting, building RM management strategy
Break through moment
Change in sales process according to proposed RM strategy following defined channel-mix, intrduction of price strategy, daily data analysis and inventory monitoring, introducing forecasting algorithm
End result
RGI=97.4 , index %change of RGI=11.4


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